How will EnergyREV make a unique impact?

More than 60 researchers from 22 Universities will work together to tackle the challenges around smart local energy systems from an interdisciplinary and whole-systems viewpoint which will provide an unprecedented breadth of expertise and depth of knowledge.

Through its multidisciplinary, built in from the start, as well as through its strong links to the wider local energy community, EnergyREV will become one of the most significant international academic programmes delivering research to accelerate the uptake, value and impact of Smart Local Energy Systems.

EnergyREV is one of the three key components of the UK Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund’s Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PFER) programme.

EnergyREV Smart Local Energy

Over £100 million has been invested by the UK Government in the Industrial Strategy Challenge Fund (ISCF) Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PFER) programme. The PFER programme will provide investable, scalable local business models using integrated approaches to deliver cleaner, cheaper energy services. This will lead to prosperous and resilient communities and benefit the energy system as a whole.

EnergyREV’s broad expertise will provide coordinated research and innovation support across the PFER programme. It will deliver innovations to support the various projects, while independently reviewing and synthesising the knowledge and evidence of how smart local energy systems can be successful. EnergyREV will work with the demonstration and design projects funded through the PFER programme through their lifetime; undertaking analysis and evaluation, building and driving best practice and, leading knowledge exchange through national and international engagement with policy, academic, industrial and public communities. Our novel research, detailed evaluation of other PFER activities and synthesis of knowledge and data will help accelerate and deliver the PFER goals and enhance UK competitiveness.

 Prospering From the Energy Revolution brochure

PFER Demonstration and Design Projects

A significant proportion of this funding has been invested in three large scale local energy system demonstrators across the UK. Eleven whole-system design projects have also been funded that develop novel concepts for energy provision and create a pipeline for future projects. These demonstrator and design projects will help to prove investable, scalable local business models using integrated approaches to deliver cleaner, cheaper energy services.

Energy Revolution Integration Service (ERIS)

The EnergyREV consortium will collaborate closely with Energy Revolution Integration Service (ERIS) led by the Energy Systems Catapult (ESC). ERIS will provide project integration, innovation services and technical expertise across the programme.

EnergyRev large scale energy system demonstrators