What activities will be undertaken by EnergyREV?

The energy revolution in the UK is driving the transition away from the current centralised energy system to a more decentralised system that needs to be world-leading, local and smart.

Smart local energy systems aim to manage and balance energy supply, storage and use across all vectors (i.e. power, heating and transport).  Research and innovation will allow these to be integrated and co-ordinated in ways that can significantly improve efficiency, reduce carbon emissions, and deliver a wider range of social, environmental, and economic benefits.

The EnergyREV Consortium will carry out novel research in each of the following themes to provide solutions to deliver and scale up smart local energy systems.


Adapting advances in AI, data analytics and controls to enhance smart local energy systems.


Understanding current local energy business sector to accelerate innovation.


Assessing policy, regulation and markets for local energy sector change.


Reveal how user preferences and practices evolve over time in relation to local energy systems.

Developing a whole systems understanding

Capture and synthesise knowledge from all aspects of the value chain, utilising learnings.

Supporting Scale-up

Understanding potential constraints that can prevent scale up of local energy systems and solutions to overcome them.