EnergyREV the final six months

EnergyREV the final six months

Dr Rebecca Ford, Chancellor's Fellow, Departments of Government & Public Policy and Electronic & Electrical Engineering, University of Strathclyde

November 2022

As we push into the final six months of the EnergyREV, I've been reflecting on how the insights from across the programme are coming together to help drive impact.

In June we published a report outlining the most important decisions that need to be made to enable the implementation of smart local energy systems This was the culmination of a series of workshops with experts across the sector, in which we shared integrated insights from across EnergyREV, and asked them to identify the most important changes needed to enable SLES. Key insights for national and local government, DNOs, and the ESO can be found here.

Following this, in September, we ran an event in London, bringing together the EnergyREV consortium with key policy and industry stakeholders to explore topics including SLES and the Energy Crisis; SLES Skills and Supply Chains; and the Future of SLES. We also hosted a live episode of Local Zero during the event, definitely worth a listen if you haven't already tuned in!

To keep driving this momentum we’re in the middle of hosting a series of three online half-day workshops to consolidate insights from EnergyREV and the Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PfER) programme, to accelerate our collective impact, and drive the growth of energy smart places. The three workshops include:

We’ll be publishing briefing notes after each workshops, and so your input will be valuable and will help us draw together insights from EnergyREV and the wider PFER programme, making sure our collective voices are amplified and our impact maximised.