ENA Open Networks: 2021 in Review

ENA Open Networks: 2021 in Review

Emily Jones, Communications Project Lead (Open Networks), ENA

17 February 2022

Britain’s energy networks marked a range of firsts across the past year through ENA's Open Networks. These achievements have today been published by ENA in a review of the progress of it's world-leading programme.

ENA’s Open Networks ‘2021 in Review' demonstrates how the networks are:

  • Developing local flexibility markets to support more cost-effective energy in the long term
  • Working better together, so customers have the best possible solution
  • Being more transparent with their work and data to ultimately help people connect to the networks more quickly and efficiently

The report, now in its fifth year of publication, reflects on the achievements from the past 12 months and looks to the key priorities for the year ahead. It has been developed with an open and accountable approach in mind by highlighting the programme’s progress in connection to the 2021 Work Plan’s deliverables. 

Read more on this story on ENA's website and find out more on the past year's achievements in Open Networks 2021 in Review.

Looking to 2022
This year marks five years of Open Networks, and 2022 will be another important year as the programme ramps up efforts to enable Net Zero.

Government’s Smart Systems and Flexibility Plan reiterates these challenges and has given Open Networks the mandate to build on its work to date and deliver a common framework for flexibility by 2023.

More information on priorities for this year are available in our 2022 Work Plan.