Exciting changes to how EnergyREV engage with policy makers

Exciting changes to how EnergyREV engage with policy makers

By Jeff Hardy and Madeleine Morris, Grantham Institute, Imperial College London

EnergyREV have been engaging with policy makers from the outset of their work, this is critical to establish a well-grounded understanding of the complexities associated with smart local energy systems in both directions. The EnergyREV Policy Contact Group (PCG) is our two-way conduit with policy and regulatory decision-makers to maximise opportunities sharing of knowledge. After a successful year of PCG meetings, we took the opportunity to reflect with the members about how things were going using the four-L’s framework - Liked, Learned, Lacked and Longed for.

This feedback showed two important things. First, that PCG members wanted more regular and varied insight into smart local energy systems thinking and projects. Secondly, members wanted more sight of recommendations arising from EnergyREV and the wider PFER programme and the opportunity to constructively challenge.

At our November PCG meeting we proposed and members agreed to split the PCG into two functions:

  • An EnergyREV Policy Advisory Group (EPAG) with a remit to advise, challenge and inform EnergyREV on future smart, local energy systems (SLES). The small, but perfectly formed group will comprise policymakers (national, regional and local) and key SLES stakeholders.
  • A new, regular SLES governance seminar series focused on all aspects of future energy governance relevant to the PFER programme.

We are now plotting how both of these will work, with Jeff Hardy leading on the EPAG and Madeleine Morris leading on the seminar series. More details to follow in early 2021, and if either sound right up your street, do contact Jeff and/or Madeleine at policy@energyrev.org.uk