GILS Seminar 4 – Decarbonisation of heat

GILS Seminar 4 – Decarbonisation of heat

Dr Madeleine Morris, Research Associate, Grantham Institute for Climate Change and the Environment, Imperial College London

31 January 2022

Event: GILS Seminar 4 – Decarbonisation of heat

When: 9th February 2022 – 1pm to 2pm


About this event

Decarbonisation of heat is a local challenge, and solutions must be smart, taking into account how the sector can work in the context of wider energy sector changes.

A smart local energy systems (SLES) approach could facilitate a transition to a zero-carbon heat sector that is faster, fairer, and more cost effective than current trajectories. However, the current policy and regulatory landscape means that SLES struggle to deliver their potential environmental, societal, and energy system benefits.

EnergyREV researchers have carried out a review systematic review of UK policy and regulation relating to heat decarbonisation. We have identified the cross-cutting barriers that will need to be overcome regardless of technology pathway. We have explored how a smart and local approach can help to address non-technical barriers, and identified the strengths and missed opportunities in the UK Government's Heat and Buildings Strategy.

In this panel discussion, we will highlight our key findings, and will discuss with our panel experts how a smart and local approach could contribute to faster, fairer, and cheaper decarbonisation of heat, as well as what policy and regulatory changes need to be made to enable SLES to succeed.

Chair and Panel Speakers

Prof David Elmes (Chair) is Professor of Practice at Warwick Business School, joining after more than 20 years working in the energy & management consulting industries. He is also EnergyREV's Heat Champion, and co-author of this report.

Dr Madeleine Morris, one of the lead authors of the report, is a postdoctoral research associate at the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London and working within the policy and regulation team of EnergyREV.

Dr Jeffrey Hardy a Senior Research Fellow at the Grantham Institute at Imperial College London. He leads a team in the UK Energy Revolution Research Consortium (EnergyREV) examining the policy and regulation of smart local energy systems, and is a lead author of this report.

Caroline Bragg is Director of Policy and Research at the ADE. She is responsible for the development of the Association's policy work and its research arm, ACE-Research. She works closely with members and policymakers to promote the sustainable development of the decentralised energy sector in the UK.

Will Humphreys is Heat of Strategy Implementation - Heat and Buildings at the Department for Business, Energy & Industrial Strategy, and is involved in leading policy thinking around the long-term strategic option for heat decarbonisation.

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