Launch of Governance Insights Lunchtime Seminar Series (GILSS)

Launch of Governance Insights Lunchtime Seminar Series (GILSS)

Madeleine Morris, Grantham Institute, Imperial College London

On Monday 22nd March, EnergyREV kicked off their Governance Insights Lunchtime Seminar Series (GILSS) with a discussion about how adopting a smart and local approach could achieve better social, economic and environmental outcomes from post-pandemic recovery measures.

Dr Mike Fell, lead author of the recently released report ‘Post-Pandemic Recovery: How Smart Local Energy Systems Can Contribute’, presented the key messages. Dr Rebecca Ford, then chaired a discussion between an expert panel who gave their views on what this means for citizens, local government and national government: Dhara Vyas from Citizens Advice, Cheryl Hiles from Energy Capital (West Midlands Combined Authority) and Patrick Allcorn from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy. The panel discussion was fuelled by some excellent questions from our audience. In case you missed it, you can watch the full session here.

What is GILSS?

GILSS is a new monthly virtual seminar series which will provide a forum for discussions around the governance insights emerging from research and practice within EnergyREV and the wider PFER programme. GILSS will be led by the policy and regulation team of EnergyREV. Each event will focus on a particular aspect of smart local energy systems and will include enable a range of perspectives through a panel discussion.

Why were GILSS set up?

With the EnergyREV consortium in its third year of operation, more and more evidence and insights are being discovered. Our stakeholders told us that they would benefit from hearing about these us on a regular basis, so we developed this seminar series as a way to explore and debate the implications our research may have on future governance of smart local energy systems.

Who should attend?

Policymakers, energy practitioners, community groups, researchers and others who are interested in policy, regulation, market design and innovation frameworks relating to smart local energy systems.

When will they run?

The seminars will take place on a monthly basis, usually around lunchtime. The events will be recorded and made available shortly after on the EnergyREV Youtube Channel.

How can I get involved?

To keep informed about future EnergyREV events including GILSS you can sign up on the EnergyREV website. During the GILSS seminars you can put your questions to the panel. If you’d like to suggest topics for discussion or contribute to future seminars, please email