Lessons from EnergyREV: THE ROLE OF SMART LOCAL ENERGY SYSTEMS in a net zero future

Rebecca Ford

10 June 2024

Smart local energy systems (SLES) bring together energy supply, storage, heat, transport and buildings in a local area. They connect them in a smart way using data and digital technologies, and provide new ways for people, communities, and other local stakeholders to get involved. SLES can deliver many local and national outcomes. However, realising this value is complex, and requires aligned actions from many stakeholders across a range of activities. EnergyREV’s research identified a series of recommendations for government policymakers, Ofgem, SLES developers, SLES programme funders, educators and qualifying bodies.

These recommendations outline steps these different stakeholders can take to deliver the seven building blocks necessary for unlocking the value in SLES. In addition to the set of specific recommendations for key SLES actors, insights drawn across the seven SLES building blocks revealed cross-cutting challenges. To address these challenges, and ensure SLES are successful and flourish across the UK, key next steps include: vision and strategy; power and resources; better structures; align value; reframe and talk.