Net Zero Localities: Ambition & Value in UK Local Authority Investment

Margaret Tingey and Jan Webb

September 2020

Local authorities can be significant actors in a new economic normal geared to net zero emissions in buildings, heating and transport systems. This report brings together the latest research and evidence on UK local authority ambition on net zero, and provides analysis of the multiple societal benefits from investing in UK localities and regions to meet net zero carbon objectives.

The majority of UK local authorities have declared Climate Emergencies and clean energy plans, and all need Covid-19 economic recovery measures. This is a critical moment to capitalise on the multiple benefits of investing in net zero carbon localities.

Making clean energy and Net Zero ambition a reality across all councils now needs direct central government support. Key recommendations are:

1. Establish long-term policy objectives and instruments for net zero carbon localities
2. Institutionalise local net zero carbon planning and implementation through statutory powers and devolved resources
3. Build capacity through investing in local authority skills and expertise
4. Evaluate all local and regional public expenditure against net zero principles
5. Use Covid-19 recovery strategies to drive investment in net zero carbon localities

We held a webinar about this report in September 2020 and the slides can be download below.

Tags: LA; society; finance; netzero; economy; power; heat; mobility; building; infrastructure; energy systems 

Net Zero Localities: ambition and value in UK local authority investment - Webinar slides - September 2020

These slides were presented as part of a EnergyREV webinar that took place on Monday 28th September 2020. They were presented by Mags Tingey and Jan Webb.