Starting to join the dots: An interim review of EnergyREV insights

Carol Vigurs, Michael Fell, Chris Maidment & David Shipworth

28th September 2021

Since 2018 the EnergyREV consortium has supported the PFER programme by investigating the ways and conditions in which integrated local energy systems can be accelerated and used to deliver services and benefits for individuals, communities, the energy sector and wider society.

We have carried out a review of the published outputs produced by EnergyREV up to the end of 2020. It is not intended as comprehensive summary of EnergyREV’s work, which spans many fields, topics and methods. Instead, the aim was to give a snapshot of the project at this interim stage and to identify some of the common issues that are being grappled with.

This review serves as an introduction to EnergyREV for anyone involved in funding, planning or implementing SLES. It highlights themes and considerations that we believe are important and signposts our research for those interested in exploring certain topics in more depth, pointing to the practical implications and recommendations of this work. We also hope that this will help researchers in directing their future research to address key gaps and questions.

Tags: Local authority; investment; coordinate; technologies; flexibility; storage; economic; citizens; consumers; prosumer; market; policy