Unlocking the value of energy-smart places

Euan Morris and Rebecca Ford

July 2023

Work undertaken in the Prospering from the Energy Revolution (PfER) programme has demonstrated that energy-smart places, implementing smart local energy systems (SLES), are a critical component for a cost-effective, equitable, and rapid transition to Net Zero, while offering the opportunity for creating and enabling new forms of value. Additionally, there is an opportunity to ensure that the benefits of this decarbonisation are enjoyed by local communities. If delivered well, energy-smart places can help tackle existing injustices, creating a fairer energy system which delivers for everyone.

Based on two interactive workshops hosted by EnergyREV, and attended by stakeholders from across the sector, including from PfER design and demonstration projects, local and national governments, academia, and from both SMEs and larger businesses, as well as published outputs from across the PfER programme, this report provides insights on the new forms of value afforded by energy-smart places, including the value to local communities, and sets out the policy and regulatory shifts required to unlock this value.

Summaries of the interactive workshops, including contributions from invited speakers, were recorded on Miro boards which can be accessed:

1) looking at the value case for SLESĀ here

2) focusing on the value of SLES to local communities here