Local Area Energy Mapping Tool (LEMAP)

Rajat Gupta

24th March 2023

The Local Area Energy Mapping Tool (LEMAP) brings together public, private and crowd-sourced data on energy demand, energy resources, building attributes, socio-demographics, fuel poverty and electricity networks within a GIS platform. Postcode and dwelling level energy demand profiles are generated using the CREST energy demand model.

LEMAP has been organised around four technical and four engagement elements. The technical elements include ‘baselining’ local area energy flows in relation to socio-economic characteristics; ‘targeting’ suitable properties for low carbon technologies (LCT) such as rooftop solar, heat pumps, EV chargers; ‘forecasting’ energy demand profiles at postcode level for different scenarios; and ‘capability profile’ to show which areas are likely to adopt LCTs based on their technical, digital, financial and social capabilities.

You can access the LEMAP platform here: https://project-leo.co.uk/case-studies/local-area-mapping-tool/